Sunday, May 10, 2009

Electronic street

Shop at Jalan Pasar, where there is something for everybody.

JALAN Pasar, which is located off Jalan Pudu, is popularly known as “Teen Chee Kai” (“Electronic Street” in Cantonese) because anything that requires a circuit board to run can be found in the shops here. CCTVs, portable DVDs, strobe lights, sound equipment, electric guitar; you name it, they’ve got it.

There is something for everyone here. At the beginning of the street across Jalan Landak, you can find the prettiest specimens of ornamental fish, from the expensive koi to tetra guppies. This spot is a big draw for children and adults alike and the shop owners’ advice on fish care certainly holds weight. Bear in that these people sell their live stock from plastic basins and expectedly, the fishes are constantly mobilised on a daily basis. You can also find cute furry rabbits, cats and puppies here, in addition to pet care needs like housing, feed and wood shavings.

Red brigade: Clogs that are welcome in wet kitchens.

At a little turnoff known as Jalan Pasar Baru you can find traditional Chinese clogs, which are ideal for wet kitchens. These wooden clogs, according to the shopkeeper, are made by a craftsman at a rural farmhouse somewhere in the outskirts of Klang Valley. What one should also look out for, are the small medicinal herbs stalls dotting this area. Ask and the stall vendors will oblige you with literature on the benefits of imbibing sky fruits, green nonis and other such herbs. But it is better to play it safe and get the advice of a certified doctor first.

Jalan Pasar may also be the place for anyone who has plans to open a dance club! Disco mirror balls, strobe, LED and laser lights, sound systems are available here.

Speaking of sound systems, some of the speakers on sale are as big as refrigerators! You can be sure these pack quite a wallop. A range of speakers and speakers sizes can be found, of course, including those that can be fitted in a car.

Sales assistants are always a helpful lot but you should learn the basics of sound and lighting before approaching them about set ups. Information of what the equipment are intended for will be a tremendous help but don’t just stick to one opinion.

Yummy roast: Siew Ngap Fai, 34, Lorong Yap Hin, Off Jalan Pasar .

Besides the wide array of DIY tools and hardware like power drills and soldering irons, there are also car accessory shops where you can replace your Wira’s worn out dashboard or get cushion covers for your Kancil.

Note that price tags are not final. A camera battery, for example, may have a RM90 price tag but if you bargain you could pay just RM70 for it. The trick here is to mask one’s eagerness for an item and to express that one is merely “looking around”. You could also ask for time to “consider” a purchase. If the vendor thinks that you’d be willing to go to a competitor to compare prices, he may offer you an attractive discount.

For the pond: Ornamental Yummy roast: Siew Ngap Fai, 34, Lorong Yap Hin, Off Jalan Pasar . fish for sale!

A little courtesy, however, should be exercised. Remember that people are in business for profit and you shouldn’t insist on a price that is too low.

Otherwise you may lose that discount.

For rumbling tummies, Pudu is famous for roast duck and geese. There are no less than 20 stalls plying these yummy roasts here. Other than that, there is good old roti canai and banana leaf rice at the Sri Paandi outlet.

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