Friday, November 14, 2008

Anonymity Is Not Bliss

It's ridiculous, very tardy of me, no excuses and no, I won't promise that it won't happen again. Really, sorry to have left this blog for so, so long.

But I'm back and that's the main thing.

Now, this little girl was someone I met while on assignment with an Indian florist, Letchumy Wedding Services in Brickfields. They are behind YMCA. I don't know her name, just that she was so pretty that I had to take her picture.

Herein, I would have like to kick myself for being so uncommunicative.

The lesson learned here is that when you're on the job, talking to people is an essential part of being a writer.

Find out their names, know a bit about their family, where they come from and what their thoughts are about the subject that you are working on. This helps to give you angle, depth and provide interesting facts which your main interviewer may not know.

Never use the excuse of time shortage. It's lame and probably just another word to describe your disinterest, a big no no. As a writer you must be interested in everything! So what if people call you nosy? So what if they say things like you are a pest? If this little girl's mother wanted to fade into obscurity, she wouldn't have allowed you to photograph her in the first place.

My opinion of this assignment? I found an angel but let her slip though my fingers. I'll never let that happen again.

So my pretty little girl, if you can read this, let me know who you are, okay?