Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Kavita Kaur And Her Really Cool Parents

This story came out sometime in the mid of 2008. Believe it or not, it took me close to three months to get an interview from Kavita Kaur. Standard reply. She was busy. Oh well, if I was as beautiful and successful as she was, I'd be very busy too.

The story was angled for father's day and the questions would veer towards what she was going to get her dad etc. etc. Here, I was really touched by Datuk Dr. Joginder Singh's answers.

One father's day, Kavita had bought the radiologist a Rolex and instead of parading around in it, he went and kept it in safe deposit box! He even chided her for wasting money.

“Of course, I appreciate it when the children want to show their gratitude. But this can be done on any other day, not just Father’s Day,” says the elder Sidhu pragmatically.

Kavita is so lucky to have parents who are willing to give her support. They are the loveliest people ever. From the snippets of conversation, I learned that it was they who helped her to buy her first apartment.

And they were so proud of her...

"My daughter is self made," declared Joginder and one could sense the pride in his voice.

When my sons grow up, this is what I want them to feel. I want them to know that their mum is proud of them and that she loves them more than life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dave, Handsome As Ever...

The one problem with gorgeous guys like DJ Dave is that they are also very, very spoiled. All their lives they have had too many admirers. But if you can still make the girls go weak in their knees at the age of 60, then of course, who wouldn't be conceited?

Allright, so I was half an hour late in meeting with him but then the guy was in the thick of a badminton match (mind you he's a mean shuttler) so what's the problem? You know lah, guys like him usually make the ladies wait, not the other way around. Anyway, this Punjabi crooner would make me pay back by turning up 45 minutes late on our next meeting. (Eh, I didn't have any problem with that mind you...)

But what made this interview so memorable?

Dave was not only a smasher on court but he's one off it as well! No, he didn't flirt with me or try out any slick moves.

On the other hand, he was a most doting father in the presence of his two children, and very, very candid with what had gone on in his life.

"Look, I have had failed marriages and people have said all sorts of things behind my back. But what can I do? They don't know me and I can't go around explaining to people what I really am. So, please set the record straight for me, ok".

You got it, sir I says.

We left out many things- his skin condition which he claimed had robbed him of his good looks (honestly I didn't even notice it until he pointed out to me), his family crises, his ex-wives' battle for alimony and how he was near to exhaustion from trying to stay afloat financially and sanity wise.

So what's his secret?

"My father's relentless prayers and 50 push ups every morning without fail," he chirped.

Hmm, I don't believe you I says. Not until you take off your jacket, roll up your sleeves and show me your biceps, I dared not expecting that he'll do the former without missing a beat.

And true enough, the guy was in great shape, hard as steel biceps and a nice solid V to boot for a back profile.

So, Dave, here's what you've impressed on me. When I'm your age, I hope that I'll still be as yummy looking as you!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Go Go Elango!

The chief judge for Astro Vaanavil's Super Star actually invited me up to his room for this interview. Can you imagine that? But in all sincerity, he was just looking for a more comfortable place for us to chat, in case anyone gets any wild ideas.

The interview was pretty uneventful actually and I had to get him to warm up (please don't get any wild ideas again). He had actually prepared a handful of notes chronicling his career and highlighting all the concerts he had done. It was a great afternoon. We had gone to sit at a nearby mamak stall and he was singing out all his hit songs to me. I think even the mamak guy was wondering what we were up to.

But the crucial question was, since he was chief judge and it was his job to look out for people's mistakes, has he ever made a mistake on stage himself?

"Of course! We are all human," he replied.

"But we know how to cover up lah. Let's say if I miss a beat, then I'll make up for it in the next line so to even up the count," he said.

"And this can be very tricky when you are doing live performances with classical Indian dancers. If you don't know how to even up the beat, everything from the musicians and the dancing will be off! The dancer won't be able to finish her steps, the musicians will all fall out of tune and it will be your fault!" he pointed out.

"But we are experienced musicians. As for the dancers, well they know how to cover up also. So in the end everything usually turns out alright," said Elango.

And talking about allright, just to let you know that I really appreciated you singing live for me allright! Go, go Mr Elango!